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WOW NOW Interview

 What does art mean to you?

Art is when someone thinks, and creates something beautiful.


How long have you been working with computer art, and how did this interest come about?

I started designing on the computer around seven years ago, and began by using very basic templates. I gradually went to create more complex compositions, made up of different sections, abstract curves, lines and circles.


Your family has an artistic background - what are some of your influences when it comes to your work? 

It's certainly true that my family has been an influence when it comes to art, as they introduced me to it at a young age. I would look at the different works of art in the gallery, and in Art City, and met a lot of different artists, eventually being able to recognize the artist from the work of art. I often went on trips with my parents, and we visited a lot of exhibitions and museums. The more I looked at artwork, the more I wanted to create art of  my own - something unique - and that's how I began creating my own designs.


Out of all the galleries and museums you have visited over the years, which have stood out to you the most, and why?

 The Egyptian temple at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York always comes to mind. I also really like the Acropolis Museum, because when you walk up the ramp, you feel as though you are walking through the Propylaea. I also remember the crack in the ground at the entrance of the Tate Modern Museum in London, as well as a sculpture that resembles a slide, which seems to be popular with children who enjoy climbing and sliding down it.


Which artists do you admire? 

I like the work of Pavlos, because it is primarily made of paper and plexiglass, which looks nice. I like my father's - Stavros Mihalarias' - sculptures, because they resemble abstract, human figures made of aluminium, and he uses a lot of bright colours. I like "Balloon Dog" by Jeff Koons, because it is big and looks just like a real inflatable balloon.


What was the first work of art you created?

I created my first piece when I was in nursery school. It was a simple watercolour painting on paper, and depicted a man in a cave with a door, and above it was the sky and sun. I still have it in my room and like it very much. My first digital piece was a design of my initials, N.M, and I still have that, too.


What makes something a source of inspiration for you?

For my computer-based designs, I don't get my inspiration from a specific source. I think by myself, and make the design up as I go along. I think about how it will look, and what  colours I will be using. Some of my pieces take a long time for me to complete, because of the high level of detail. As for my ceramics, i think of compositions and sculptures, or I create objects based on my environment, but from my own perspective and artistic style.


Do you consider your art to be your calling? Is it just a hobby for you, or do you think you will be pursuing it as a career in the future? If not, what would you like to pursue?

I love creating works of art on the computer, as well as hand-made sculptures and paintings. For the time being, I think this is want to pursue in the future.